About He Brews Ministries

He Brews Ministries is rooted in the theology found in the Book of Hebrews from the New Testament. The author wrote to the Hebrews, who were often new converts to the Christian faith and tempted to convert back to Judaism.

Every day we are faced with challenges, both new and old, challenging us with our faith. It is by unification with fellow Christians and building up our armor that we are able to overcome these aspects of our lives. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

In a summary, you can look at Hebrews 6 as our foundation. Through this chapter we see the author addressing that as children of Christ we are to move forward and mature in our faith (Hebrews 6:1-3). Once we realize what grace can do for us, we want more of it. There will always be times that we struggle, and we welcome those times so we can grow stronger in our relationship with God. In having that time of talking, through prayer and the Holy Spirit, to strengthen our battle-worn armor and weapons (Hebrews 6:4-12). By surrendering our life to God and entrusting him to guide us, strengthening us each day in His light, that we are able to continue glorifying and thanking Him. As the ultimate answer to our sins He sacrificed His only Son, and through faith in our sins being pinned to the cross, we shall honor Him in all ways possible (Hebrews 6:13-20).

For further details you can also view our post outlining some further missionary work.

Why “He Brews”?

We believe that Jesus should always be creating new things within and outside of us. Yearning for his word, love and attention. There is also a never-ending drive to take what we have, broken or brand new, and present it to God with a heart full of love. Just like when brewing coffee and tea you can’t keep the old grounds or leaves forever, and we cannot keep our old self if we wish to still be useful to God. While Bionically our mission is driven by the book of Hebrews, our source and determination comes from Jesus.

Also, who doesn’t love the image of sitting at a table with Jesus while drinking a good cup of coffee or tea?