The Future of the Ministry

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It seems like one of these is written every year doesn’t it? Which is not a bad thing really. It’s good to always be aware of where things are adapting and pivoting. So with that said lets get to it!

The Website

Normally nothing is posted on here unless there’s a new podcast episode (more on this later). The plan is for that to change, however.

There will be changes behind-the-scenes that doesn’t impact anyone but will make running the website itself smoother. At the moment there’s no real timeline as to when this will happen as it requires a few moving pieces, but the goal is definitely by the end of the year.

What this means for you though is that as this year continues forward the aim is to publish more content outside of just podcast episode show notes. It has become a realization that this platform God has blessed this ministry with can and should be used for more than it has. As an act of maturing spiritually and growing with the Lord, the next step is to continue being fruitful with what is given.

The Podcast

Episodes have been sporadic. There’s a few reasons for that but honestly instead of dwelling on what has happened, it’s time to focus on the future.

  • How can He Brews Faith be used to glorify God now?
  • What will help Christians grow in their walk and faith?

At this point as well most importantly the biggest question that’s being asked is:

How does this content help others accomplish the Great Commission?

Christ has called us to share the gospel, the Good News. This has, however, become a lost art form in the gravest of senses.

As He Brews Faith is an extension of this ministry, we have adjusted our Mission & Vision to where God is guiding this part of the body next.

So from this point on, and the latest episode of the podcast showcased this as well, the intent is to help equip listeners to actively be a part of Christ’s mission for us. That doesn’t mean every episode is going to be on evangelism, but it does mean that the core focus of the episode will be on furthering the mission. Guidance, prayer, insight, etc… will be provided, God-led and God-focused.

2023 has been in the books for almost a quarter of a year now, and there’s much to be harvested with few workers in the field. Let’s change that.

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