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Things around here have been quiet, that’s for sure. At least at the forefront of it all. However, behind the scenes things have been speeding. Here’s what’s been going on, and where things are trajected to go moving forward.


He Brews Faith is still alive and the main voice of this ministry online. While episodes have been slow, there’s a reason for this. Which will be disclosed in the next episode. While I can’t say for sure the release of it, I do have an aim for next week.

Facebook Page

All of this will hopefully make more sense between the podcast episode and the rest of this post, but the Facebook page will be deleted. This will be by July 4th.

Unfortunately, a Facebook page can only exist if it has an admin, and I am deleting my personal Facebook profile soon. Some of this can be highlighted in an article I wrote for Worldview Warriors lately titled Sanctification in the Digital Age.

Of course I’m not going to ask anyone to give up their digital identity, and this ministry has vastly an online ministry in itself, but it’s also not a Christian thing to keep the option of temptation available.

There is also still the hope, if it’s in God’s will, to take this ministry away from the keyboard and into the community. With things changing daily still involving this pandemic, maybe sooner than later. But, as God is the President of this ministry, the decision is ultimately His.


There’s a handful of things I would definitely change if I would ever start a new ministry. The main one is thinking of a ministry as a business (I had been an entrepreneur a few years ago). This was the inspiration for the recent (in terms of published) posts outlining the ministry changes. With that said, there was still a lot of left over weight that needed to be figured out clearly.

He Brews Ministries will be shifting towards what I am calling an “essentialist ministry”. A future post will outline this in more details, but this is still very much so a biblically-focused Christian ministry. There will be a much clearer mission, vision and audience for this ministry. It will also address what I view as fundamental statements of faith that a ministry like this needs to have. It will, however, be changeable when absolutely necessary, since things can often be made even clearer as more time investments are made.

This is something God has placed on my heart for a while. After doing much reflection and praying, it is not just something I am applying to this ministry but also in a manner that I can live it out daily.

More information about the future of He Brews Ministries will come. As I said I hope to release the next episode of the podcast next week. It will have deeper detail on things, current and future.

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