Ministry Update: Q2 2021

Truthfully I didn’t even know what to title this. But it sounds good and is to the point of what this post is about.

He Brews Ministries was founded in 2020 during the time that the pandemic first really started impacting the United States. This ministry, me and the all-encompassing purpose has changed during this rather short time too. The structure of He Brews Faith changed, the content of it has changed too, and that has brought on some tough questions for this ministry as a whole.

Around the start of 2021 I wrote up the goals in place for this year. I want to address those as we near the half-way mark of this year. As Christians we should always be reflecting on our intended goals and determine if and how we are meeting them so we can improve in areas we are failing.

Release cycle of every 2 weeks will stay the same

Plain and blunt, this hasn’t been the case. There’s been circumstances, but at it’s core it has been a failure of preparation. This is an area where I have always struggled, and while I have improved in some aspects, I still have a long ways to go. While I aim to continue improving, and keep with a 2-week cycle of releasing episodes for the podcast, I’m still finding a method that works for me.

“Becoming a Christian” & “Why Be a Christian” article series

I haven’t done much writing for He Brews Ministries this year, and what writing I have done has been more so ministry-update related content (like this) and for Worldview Warriors. Writing blog posts and doing a podcast both serve helpful needs, however I am considering focusing more attention on my writing to creating quality content for the podcast and fulfilling my commitment to Worldview Warriors. This can easily incorporate article series I had in mind for He Brews Ministries as well.

Community Outreach

As some know I moved in early January to a new area. While it’s semi-familiar, it’s also very new. I had to find a new church and plug into that before I could comfortably go out into the world.

Now that I’ve had some time to reach that point, my spirit is craving relationships. Evangelizing, ministering and just being out in the world to spread the good news. So while this is a strong work in progress, the Spirit is definitely working in me to go forward.


This ministry will again see some changes. The two most noticeable I can speak on right now are:

  1. A more clear answer to the questions “who, what, why, when, where and how” need to be made
  2. The structure of responsibility in this ministry will be different

The solution to #1 above depends on #2 happening first, but both serve as high priority matters.

To give more detail to #2, I want to bring attention to the most recent episode of He Brews Faith as of this writing, an interview I did with Jason DeZurik. I do believe that everyone needs to be held accountable but also not have all the burdens on themselves. If we are seeking answers, it should not be strictly to us to make those decisions, especially when the matter is not even truly about us.

With that said, while I have been putting the label of “Founder” on myself for this ministry, this is in error and is man-focused, not Jesus-focused. I will be “stepping down”, if you will, and God will be the final authority in all this ministry does moving forward indefinitely. This makes it possible for me to live up to my true title of Servant of God. To see this ministry serve it’s purpose of furthering God’s kingdom, God needs to be directing it and not what man thinks will be best.

This may “slow down” the progress of some things with this ministry, but as God is the final authority the answers are in His time. This doesn’t mean that podcast episodes will be every 3 months now for example, but to build a quality product that does what He Brews Ministries was intended to do, the only one who knows how to do that should be the final say in it’s decisions.

In God’s goods grace,

Eric Hansen, Servant of God

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