Outline for 2021

Safe to say 2020 has been a very telling and trial year for everyone. Some experiencing blessings while others having to go through strifes. We each share the same end goal no matter the path we take though. Seeing God in all of His glory and hearing “well done my good and faithful servant”.

He Brews Ministries started in 2020 just as the pandemic of COVID-19 started to take hold on the world. The idea of what this ministry is meant to serve was thought out for a good year before deciding to really trust in the Lord and go for it.

With that said, as this year comes to a close I, Eric Hansen, want to address the vision for this ministry for the following year. Keep in mind none of this is set in stone as things may change, but while publicly things have been quiet, behind the scenes there has been a lot of figuring out where God is wanting to use this ministry to serve Him.

He Brews Faith Podcast

Our podcast, He Brews Faith, has been silent for a couple months. It is still being worked on, but admittedly the release cycle has been something we can improve on. As we reach the beginning of the new year there were things planned that had to be delayed or postponed.

In 2021 the release cycle of every 2 weeks will stay the same. The plan is to start releasing episodes again in early or mid January and continue releasing on Mondays. There is some special content such as interviews that are being planned.

Reflecting on the podcast, one of the hardest aspects of it was trying to keep to the original idea of it which was walking through faith together. As more episodes were recorded it became rather clear that walks are more personal than originally considered, as what I go through may not relate to an audience very well. During the silent time a revamp of the direction of the podcast has been worked on and am excited to showcase this as we begin 2021.

Article Series

There’s a couple of article series that were planned throughout 2020, such as Becoming A Christian. The intent in 2021 is to draw more attention to this and demonstrate that sinners can be saved (Mark 2:17). There are two main series that will be carried on throughout 2021: Becoming a Christian & Why Be a Christian.

Becoming a Christian is a series about finding God, dealing with personal struggles and realizing that the only way to be saved is through faith in Jesus Christ. Essentially a testimonial.

Why Be a Christian is more of a Q&A or FAQ format where a question or multiple is answered. Some are based on witnessing and experience while it is also highly open to questions from people who read it.

More series may be started as ideas are fleshed out and introduced. But right now these 2 are the ones being focused on.


Jesus called us to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:18-20). The Internet, while a valuable tool, should be used as a tool and not the only way of discipling and witnessing.

But as He Brews Ministries has been an Internet-driven ministry thus far, this is an area that will be both an exciting but unknown territory that we travel. There will be mistakes, successes and failures, hardships and breakthroughs. Moving forward though we want to embody Christ and his message of bringing people to salvation.

With this in mind, Eric Hansen has been a monthly contributing author to World View Warriors for the last quarter of the year. Coming into 2021 the desire is to continue to build on that relationship and find ways both ministries can serve God’s kingdom fruitfully.

2021 may be a slow year in this regard for a few reasons. But at the least the idea and goal will be to find other biblically-sound Christian ministries (church or otherwise) to partner with. If you would like to work with us, or are seeking ministries to work with you, then feel free to send an email.


The above are just points that, going into 2021, are known and wanted to address. As stated earlier directions and plans may change as we continue to pray and seek God’s guidance. There have been ideas for other shorter podcasts, for example. Difference series as well.

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