Am I Wrong to Seek Help?



  • Colossians 3:16-17



  • We have to remember that teachers of the word are nothing more than humans as well
  • So it is uncaring and selfish us to think that as bystanders and listeners of them that only we are allowed to have doubts, fear, depression, etc…
  • We should be there to support other Christians, whether directly or indirectly, in what they need to fruitfully serve God
  • We should not mock or chastise someone for seeking guidance
  • Yes we have the Bible, but we also have evil which tries to blind us from seeing the truth
  • There’s spiritual and non-spiritual help
  • Your dentist can give you pointers on how to eat healthier, but a dietitian will be able to come up with a better long-term plan for you
  • In this scenario, I look at it as I need help to better understand how I can serve God when I get in my own way
  • If I can’t serve him in a way I feel fruitful anymore then why do it? But I refuse to give up on the only one who won’t give up on me

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