Becoming a Christian: Introduction

He Brews Ministries is not just about equipping current Christians but also about bringing the Gospel to those who have yet to hear it as well. One of the more effective ways we as Christians can be that vessel between an un-believer and God is to share our testimony. That is what this blog series is going to be about.

The stories and information presented throughout this is going to be a reflection of my own testimony, sort of like a journal. There will be highlights of good and bad, highs and lows. But the center of it all is what brought me to Christ as a true believer and follower. Whether we believe or not in Christ, our Lord and Savior, we should look at the testimonies people give. They provide insight into their past and how God loves them regardless. If you search the Internet you’ll find an abundance from past and present; liars, thieves, homosexuals, adulterers, etc… all finding God’s righteous love and turning away from their sins.

It is also important to note that a testimony should be ever-evolving. As with any story there is a beginning, middle and end. However, the end should be when we reach Heaven, not when we came to Christ. We should use our experiences of life to edify, or help guide and improve morally or even intellectually, those we come in contact with. Sometimes we also need that ourselves, and there is no shame in that. If we cannot look in the mirror and see we need help, then have we really came to Christ?

With all this said, this series is not slated to have an end until I take my last breath. But I also encourage any and everyone to document their journey from as far back as they can remember to now as well. You don’t have to share it publicly if you don’t want to, but you never know when your story may help someone. You also don’t have to write it as a story. If you enjoy prose much more then write psalms; have a musical background then write songs.

I openly accept that not everything I will share through this will proclaim I was a child of God for all my life, because I assure you I was not for the first almost 30 years of it. But after prayer and discussion with my wife, this is something I believe God has called on me to do. If something I say through this strikes you in a positive or negative way, and I will try to state this in every post I make, then do not hesitate to share.

In God’s honor and glory, amen.

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