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The world has a lot of Christian ministries today, and each of them serves a niche that makes them just as important as another. At He Brews Ministries we are focused on spiritual growth and discipleship.

There’s no shortage of people who need Christ in their lives, as we all need saved and to save. However, sometimes it is hard to find resources, especially when entering faith. Some people may not feel comfortable going to church or attending a Bible study but that does not mean that they should be left out. Those same people need to be reached to and cared for just as well.

Others may feel lost, not sure what their calling is or why God put them on this planet. Without guidance and help you could walk in circles or always hitting road bumps that hinder you. We will all face struggles (2 Timothy 3:12) and while we may not be persecuted the temptation to walk away will still be the same. Being a Christian is not easy, nor is it always fun, but that does not mean you should be left to understand the greater good alone.

He Brews Ministries is more than just a ministry, we are focused on building a community. Those who seek God and want to have a relationship with Him, just as Jesus instructed us (1 John 4:10, Acts 17:27). We look to do this both online and in person where and how we can.

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