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Our ministry is focused on bringing the Bible to everyone, and helping those coming to Christianity to travel through the waters. Jesus did not send his followers alone but in pairs (Luke 10:1), and we do not believe you should be alone either. You can find out more about He Brews Ministries on our About page.

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  • Ways to Share the Gospel
    Podcast Highlights/Notes Many Christians today aren’t raised up in the Spirit to know how to share the gospel, yet Jesus calls us to do such in Matthew 28:16-20 (The Great Commission). In this episode we discuss some ways to not only share the gospel, but how it can be applied in normal day-to-day activities. If…
  • What Is the Gospel (and Why Is It Important?)
    Podcast Highlights/Notes The gospel, or good news as it is also often translated, should be an integral part of every Christian’s life. Not only is it Christ-focused and Christ-centered, but it is also Christ’s message for us to share with the world. If you know what the gospel is then that’s great. That’s only a…
  • The Future of the Ministry
    It seems like one of these is written every year doesn’t it? Which is not a bad thing really. It’s good to always be aware of where things are adapting and pivoting. So with that said lets get to it! The Website Normally nothing is posted on here unless there’s a new podcast episode (more…
  • Prayer for Evangelism
    Podcast Highlights/Notes Evangelism is becoming a lost art form, even when it should be as simple as talking to a friend. While there’s many reasons for this to be an ever-increasing difficult task, lets first focus on prayer and Christ Jesus, our Lord & Savior. This episode is a prayer for those listening, as well…
  • Importance of Prayer
    Podcast Highlights/Notes Prayer is important for every Christian, no matter where they are in their walk with Christ.  However, it’s also easy to skip over why it’s important and why we should, and instead turn it into some chore or ritual.  Long-gone are the days of us having to burn things at the altar for…


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